it’s monday! what are you reading?

It’s Monday, what are you reading? Maybe a couple of times a month I’ll be able to keep up with Sheila at Book Journey‘s weekly Monday posts about planning out reading for the week!

I’ve said it before—I don’t feel particularly busier than anyone else. I think a lot of people have packed schedules like mine, so no excuses! But here is a typical week for me: Monday through Friday, work my normal 8–5 “day job” at the Conservatory. Monday nights I work from home on Tuesday nights are Civic Orchestra rehearsal. Wednesdays home and free, but some KCMetropolis work. Thursdays, Heritage Philharmonic rehearsal. Fridays and the weekends range from nothing to packed full of rehearsals, concerts, reviewing/writing, KCMetropolis work, and catching up on household duties. That said, now that school/concert season is in full swing, reading time is limited. However, I’m committed to completing my Goodreads goal, which I set to 30 books for 2012 (after a paltry 3 in 2011). And on October 1, I hit my 5-year anniversary at work, so I got a cash gift card, which I (naturally!) spent on books!

One of the books I bought last weekend with my gift card is Stephen Colbert’s new one, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Stephen Colbert! He is simply hilarious. One of the things I knew I would miss terribly when we quit cable TV was The Colbert Report (and I do miss it—hooray for internet streaming, though!). Anyway, I read Colbert’s first book a couple of years ago and listened to his children’s book on audio this summer, and when I saw this when I was out shopping on Saturday I couldn’t resist. I’m two chapters in and already I can’t recommend it enough to fans of the show. Really crisp, spot-on humorous takes on the jobs crisis and healthcare (first two chapters) in the United States right now. I also picked up Jon Stewart’s America: The Book a few weeks ago and have picked through that a little. I guess this is partly how I’m getting myself ready for the election!

Still, still, still working through Mistry’s A Fine Balance and Ross’s Listen to This, too. This has been my first experience reading more than one book at the same time, and I’m finding it equally great and annoying. I love having variety, but at the same time… I get afraid I won’t finish something that I am enjoying due to distraction, and I also love getting through books more quickly than this. Oh well!

4 thoughts on “it’s monday! what are you reading?

  1. Isn’t he just about the funniest guy in the universe?! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. if you haven’t seen his interview with Maurice Sendak you have to look that up asap. They talk about I am a Pole and it’s a riot!

    Happy Monday 😉

    • Yeah, I think in general I prefer one book at a time, too. I think I’m falling into this multiple-books habit lately because there are so so so many I want to read, all at once! (I have two more books coming in the mail this week!)

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