In Uprising, John Nichols of The Nation magazine discusses the current political and social issues happening in Wisconsin, his home state, and capital city Madison is ground zero. In early 2011, newly elected governor Scott Walker unveiled a controversial budget repair bill ostensibly to help create jobs and bring the state out of supposed massive debt by ending collective bargaining rights for unions and cuts to necessary public social programs, including health care and education. This measure has put Wisconsin working families in impossible and bleak situations, and has been shown statistically to be failing. Scott Walker is now facing a recall. Nichols sensibly yet passionately analyzes the thousands-strong rallies, the Constitutional rights of the people and their application and suppression, and the corruption of mainstream media and coverage (or lack thereof) of the unfolding events in Madison and across the state. His analysis extends beyond Wisconsin, from Cairo to Occupy Wall Street and the other U.S. states facing these and similar litigious measures. There is some repetition throughout, but I felt the reiterations of certain messages only helped to drive them home. Nichols is not unbiased, but he uses history, researched facts, and logic to support his points. Uprising is a very quick read and I found it very informative—an impassioned account from an educated participant on the front lines.

Read from February 29 to March 8, 2012.