one hundred years of solitude

Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude is a work of art. Sometimes difficult to understand; sometimes the most pure enchantment literature can offer. I absolutely love García Márquez’s poetic writing style and imaginative worlds of magical realism. Each sentence flows from the last, with beautiful descriptions of people, events, etc. Characters and scenes were vivid and compelling. At first I really disliked that the characters all shared names, but the themes of family, love, sadness, hope, etc. all connected together creating a cycle reveal García Márquez’s genius in giving them the same names. However I understand how it can quickly become confusing. This is a book you need to concentrate on to truly enjoy and appreciate, but letting go of the names and trying to keep everyone straight actually helped me know the characters better as individuals instead of them all blending into a portrait of one man (which can also work)… if that makes sense!